Meron Berhe

Have an Ethiopian meal in beanery Vreemde Streken:

Dear friend’s
Are you in for Ethiopian food? From January l’m going to cook once a month at cafe Vreemde streken in Wageningen (bevrijdingstraat 38)

The first evening Will de at friday January the 19 th if ther a lot of people coming, maybe in the future I can cook more often.
Time : you can walk in betwen 18: 00 -19 :30.
Costs : 15 p.p. The diner is served as a buffet,

For reservations: or call 0317452200, until one day in advance.

Please mention the date you wish to come and if you are a vegetarian.

There is enough room for 50 personesln, ln case you didn’t make a reservation, you can call or came by check if there is a seat available.
For guests who like to meet other people, there is a special table you could join.

TO avoid disappointment, l would recommend to make your reservation on time.
Do you want to receive updates on the dates that I will be cooking? Please send an e- mail to me or
Inform you on a regular base.

Kind regards